Ivory Bespoke

a signature touch that defies the ordinary

An artful expression of space

~Venturing beyond the limits of posibility

Our quest for perfection leads us to the exclusivity of bespoke design. Collaborating with passionate and highly skilled artisans, we realise our vision without compromise. We design tailor-made furniture, lighting and art, combining high-end materials with clean lines and fine detailing.

Our bespoke creations are expressions of formidable artistry and craftsmanship, that blend effortlessly with the space they are destined for.

Furniture design

Thoroughly designed furniture is a symphony of aesthetics and relaxation.

We create timeless, premium and luxury custom-made furniture that harmonizes with your space.

Lighting design

It’s the balance between light and shade that brings new energy to an interior.

We design one-of-a-kind lighting, in the form of ceiling lights, wall fixtures, floor and table lamps to create the perfect ambiance.

Art Creations

Art is a vehicle for enlivening a space and manifesting individuality.

We undertake custom commissions and we create or select sophisticated artworks for the whole yacht. Our bespoke art leaves the ‘made by IVORY’ stamp on every space we curate.